Sycon Restoration Services, LLC wants you to be educated about your roofing when it comes to learning about the insurance process. This page is offered as a resource for commonly asked questions about the insurance process, Georgia roofing services and how we work professionally with insurance companies so that you can get the best restoration possible for your home.

When I look at my roof, I don’t see any hail damage. What’s all the fuss about?
Hail Damage can’t be seen very easily most of the time. You usually will never see actual holes or indentations. Hail will drastically shorten the life of your roof. If you have damaged siding, vehicles, or have noticed neighbors getting work done, you can be 99% sure that you will need a new roof and may have other damages also. Hail can damage your roof without any visible signs from the ground. Hail normally has to be the size of a golf ball before it will break through your roof or cause bruising.

Sometimes these damages do not show up quickly or are easily overlooked. The integrity of the shingle may be damaged, do not take a chance on it. If hail is driven by high winds or if it lasts longer than a few minutes, even small-sized hail can cause your roof to suffer severe damage and the loss of their protective granules, which will greatly reduce the life of your roof. Loss of granule layers on the shingle will cause the organic based center of the shingles to be exposed to the suns UV rays. This will cause serious deterioration of the shingle in a short period of time. Have it inspected, just to be safe.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • What is replacement cost value?
  • What is actual cash value?
  • What is recoverable depreciation?
  • What is non-recoverable depreciation?
  • Will my insurance adjuster be a cat-adjuster or an in-home adjuster?
  • What difference will a cat-adjuster make for me?
  • What is full scope of insurance proceeds?
  • Why is it a felony to profit from an insurance loss?
  • Will the adjuster give me enough money for a quality restoration?
  • What can I do if my adjuster didn’t or doesn’t give me enough money for a quality job?

If all these questions are hard to understand or answer, then let a professional help you. We can answer all of your questions and help you get everything you deserve.

Hail and high winds can cause serious damage to your roof and exterior of your home. An evaluation by a trained hail damage inspector (not roofer) can verify the extent of your damages and outline the means by which to get them repaired. Even experienced roofers cannot see these damages. Most roofers do not know how to inspect for hail damage, but Sycon Restoration Services, LLC. has Georgia roofing specialists. A trained inspector has taken the same extensive training courses that your adjuster has taken (the adjuster must take these courses to be certified).